Welcome to Clear Shoe Drawers

If you love your shoes as much a we love ours, you’ll want to take the very best care of them.

Do you have so many shoes but you wear the same pairs over and over agin because you’ve simply forgotten about that incredible pair in a tacky colored shoe box at the bottom of the wardrobe.

So, break out those babies and use our Clear Shoe Drawers to display them like the prize possessions they are. Clear Shoe drawers allow you to stack each pair neatly while allowing you to see through them and simply slide the drawer out. Never disturbing the pairs above or below.

We don’t want to play favourites with our shoes simply because we forgot about others safe in boxes,  so that’s why we created our top quality ‘Clear Shoe Drawers’ which are;

  • made of the highest grade, long lasting clear polypropylene
  • see through allowing easy searching for the pair you want
  • stackable for space saving shoe storage
  • designed with convenient slide out drawers unlike hard to get at shoe boxes
  • safe, they will never mark or scratch your shoes
  • economical to buy in small or larger qualities
  • an easier shoe storage solution to simple shoe boxes

Find out more about our clear shoe drawers, or simply buy them.




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